About SIGTalks

SIGTalks, sponsored by Ronnyjane Goldsmith, is a series of round table discussions about ideas that are relevant to our lives and our times.

The first SIGTalks – How Your Obituary Can Change Your Life (And The World) – was held at the City Club of San Francisco in July 2016.

Future SIGTalks are scheduled in Santa Barbara, California in October 2016, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in December 2016 and Washington, DC in 2017.

What People Say About SIGTalks:

SC-Truly thought provoking. Thank you for turning on my light bulb.

NG-Very engaging talk. Loved the stories.

JB-Very insightful and thought provoking. A very unique approach to the subject that one would not expect. Provoked a strong call to action response; Makes me wonder how I should change my life!

TL-I really like the way you delivered the talk. It was personal as if you were talking to close friends. Good job.

LK-You are so inspirational. Thank you for inviting me to this event to hear you speak. Now, I feel motivated to write and reflect on my life with hopes I will also learn from this process.

SS-Inspiring talk. I would love to hear more!

EP-You have so much to say we would have listened happily for more details and more of your story.

QS-I am very sure there was not one person present who did not mull and ponder over your presentation last night and asked themselves some tough questions-as I have. Thank you for all the blood, sweat and tears you put in to giving us all food for thought.